Trading & Selling

 Trade your gently used books

The Sherwood Park Bookworm is happy to offer credit for your previously loved soft cover or paperback books providing you a great way to recycle your old books for new reading material. 

*We do not offer cash for books. 

Please note our guidelines in accepting gently used books:

Because of limited space, we usually only accept one copy of most titles and rarely do we accept hardcover fiction.

We are very particular about the quality of books we accept. Though not opposed to older editions, or out of print titles, they must meet our requirements.

No appointments are necessary during the week, we do however, request you limit the amount you bring in to 2 regular shopping bags, or 1 small box. We will evaluate your books in person while you browse.

We reserve the right to decline any items brought to us based on condition and current inventory needs which undoubtedly change daily. 

  • We accept books according to current store needs and client requests.
  • We ask that books be clean and in very good condition. Damaged and/or dirty books will not be accepted.
  • For books that we can accept, you will receive 20% of the book's cover price in store credit.
  • Store credit can be redeemed on your book purchases up to 50% of your subtotal. (eg. If you have an $8 subtotal, you can use $4 of store credit toward your new purchase.)
  • There is no expiry date on the credit. 


Trading books at the Bookworm

Quality Checklist

  • No rips, tears or stains
  • No water damage
  • No writing or highlighting
  • No funky odors
  • No loose or falling out pages
  • No Advanced Readers Copies (ARC)
  • No excessive wear or creasing
  • No library discards 

Items Not Accepted

  • No Fiction hardcover (Some exceptions apply, such as Stephen King, Harry Potter and collectibles)
  • No Book Club editions
  • No Harlequin Romance novels
  • No textbooks or manuals
  • No Encyclopedia sets
  • No Reader's Digest condensed books
  • No cookbooks
  • No most magazines

Store Wishlist

We are currently low on Historical Fiction.