Everything You Need to Know About the Sherwood Park Bookworm Used Book Store

Welcome to the Bookworm!! 

To celebrate the new website, I sat down with Sherwood Park Bookworm owner, Leanne, to ask her a few questions about this hidden gem. 

1. Leanne, when did you start your business?

The Bookworm started 30+ years ago! I bought the store May 2013 and changed the name to The Sherwood Park Bookworm. We've been at our current location for 3 years now! 

2. Why did you decide to become a business owner?

The bookstore basically fell into my lap at a time when I needed a change. I was visiting the store and found out it would be closing that fall! So, I decided to pursue the possibility of purchasing it as a turnkey investment. 

3. How many employees does The Bookworm have?

At one point there were 4 employees when my children were young and I couldn't work full time. Now that they are nearly grown and the minimum wage is $15/hour plus all the taxes...I now work alone to keep costs down. 

4. How long have you lived in Sherwood Park?

I've only been here for 25 years. All my children were born here and my husband has been here since he was a young child, growing up on an acreage by Belvedere Golf Club

5. Why/What do you love about books? 

I have always loved books! They were an escape to far away places for me. As a child, my favorite place to be was the library - school and public. 

6. What is something you wish everyone knew about The Sherwood Park Bookworm?

The Sherwood Park Bookworm is a fantastic little gem nestled in the heart of the county. We love supporting our community. 

7. Why did you decide to take over a used bookstore in ‘the age of electronics?’

I love real paper books. Always have. I just assumed I was not the only one! People who work all day on electronics like the feel, and seniors enjoy the old ways. Reading electronically is okay and has great benefits, such as when you're traveling! 

8. How many books would you say you have in the store? 

My best guess would be that we have at least 10,000 books. 

9. What is your favorite part about what you do? 

The favorite part of my day is chatting with customers. Many have become my friends! Discussing our favorite books is a great source of joy for me. 

10. Do you only sell books? 

We primarily sell second hand books, but over the past few years, I have been bringing in carefully chosen bibliophile-related products such as book sleeves, candles and bookmarks. We also sell Gift Cards! 

11. Why is it (Or is it?) important to support local business in Sherwood Park? 

People have been realizing how important supporting local is because we give back to the community. From giveaways, raffles and fundraisers, we have also supported The Boys and Girls Club, Make a Wish Foundation and The Christmas Bureau to name just a few. We love doing it! 

12. What else would you like people to know about you or The Bookworm? 

  • The Sherwood Park Bookworm has a wonderfully stocked Children's section, and we love working with school libraries and teachers to help them engage young readers! 
  • We have also started a Monthly Book Club, the 3rd Thursday of each month. I hope to start a few more...perhaps a Young Adult Book Club, or a Murder & Mayhem Book Club! (Keep an eye on our Events page for updates!)
  • I also enjoy crafting! I make altered book journals and notebooks. I also enjoy spending time participating in art journal classes. 
  • The Bookworm has been a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce for the past 7 years. We also have a growing community on Facebook and Instagram
  • As a bookstore owner, I don't get to read as much as I wish, but I always have a book with me just in case I have a quiet moment. I don't own any electronic devices and I always have 2 or more books on the go at once. 

13. What are your long term goals/where would you like to see the store in the next 5 years?

If I was to have a dream or long term goal, it would be to incorporate a coffee shop cafe with our bookstore! 

What are some of your favorite questions people ask you in the store? 

"Have you read all of these books?" 

The answer is, 'No!' The inventory changes daily, and though I read plenty of genres, I don't read them all. 

"What is your favorite book or author?" 

My answer is always whatever I am currently reading.